Your life is yours to live; not theirs to watch

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It’s been a while since I wrote one of those heart to heart posts which I always seem to regret writing after. Haha. But whatever. Guess what – doing things alone gets bloody lonely. With nobody to share your pain, there is no other means of venting about your problems other than, well yourself. Which is how I guess people go mad. I guess I just chose another kind of madness – writing. Potato – potato really.

My topic/rant of the day – dreams. Surprise. Or rather, achieving whatever dream you’ve always had. I guess some of you are familiar with being told they’re “lucky” just because they’re doing something others deem to be “dreamy” or “living the life” or whichever other expression you might opt for to piss me off. I’ve honestly had enough of people just judging others through what they choose to put on their social media accounts – of the life people build for you based solely on the photos you choose to put on instagram, or whatever you share on snapchat.

Nobody thinks of the hours, minutes or even seconds before that photo was uploaded. Nobody wants to know why you found yourself reading a book at the beach; nobody wants to know why you seem to never find somewhere that feels like “home”; nobody wants to know what sacrifices lie behind the lives that appear so idyllic; nobody wants to know about the anxiety; nobody wants to know about what keeps you up at night. They just want to call you “lucky”. They just want to tell you you have it better off than they do. They just want to justify their staying in a situation they detested by looking at people who actually did something about what was destroying them, and calling them “lucky”.

People are not lucky. People work hard for what they get – they sacrifice time, commitment, people and money in return for what appears to be so dreamy. We can all have it all. But we cannot have it all at once – we just need to figure out what is a priority to us at that time – at what we’re ready to sacrifice in return for something else. And mostly we should just really stop looking at other people’s lives as though they were a TV show. People’s lives do not simply unfold during those weekly 20-40 minutes we get access to. We don’t get to sit on our comfortable sofas watching their lives unfold, silently waiting and hoping for their downfall. Your life is yours to live; not theirs to watch.

Have a good night everyone. Pardon this senseless rant 🙂



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