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You can stand under my umbrella, ella, eh, eh

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Umbrellas – Rihanna sings about standing under her’s, I take photos of people standing under theirs. Yesterday was such a dreary day here in Florence, typical of this time of the year. Having lived in Brussels before, notorious for its series of grey, rainy days, I refuse to open an umbrella unless it’s really pouring heavily. This made it easier for me to chase people and their umbrellas. I also think I need slightly more normal obsessions, other than people under umbrellas.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt a quote in a film that gets me as much as Owen Wilson’s, playing Gil in Midnight in Paris. He romantically phrases my thoughts through the following words:

“I don’t get here often enough, that’s the problem. Can you picture how drop dead gorgeous this city is in the rain? Imagine this town in the ’20s. Paris in the ’20s, in the rain. The artists and writers!”

Preach, Gil, preach. I haven’t been to Paris yet (!!) BUT I do think that every city looks even more “drop dead gorgeous” when it rains, with my favourite obviously being Florence. It must be the grey skies that make the city’s colours stand out further, or maybe it could also be that I’m so used to blue skies in Malta that anything else looks so romantic and dreamy. Add the grey skies to sitting in a cafe people watching whilst drinking some good coffee, and you can pretty much sum up my ideal Saturday.

Today’s the actual opposite – the skies are so blue it feels like Spring and not Autumn (yet again). I’m still not too sure what I’m up to – hopefully something with which I can update my blog (insert promise of more frequent updating here).



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