We’re all going on a summer holiday

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We’re going where the sun shines brightly, we’re going where the sea is blue. This song has been stuck on repeat (in my head at least) for the past week. Oh man, I sure do need a holiday.

It would have been better to maybe start off this post giving a brief explanation of why I have disappeared off the surface of the earth, but I think it can be pretty much summarized in the fact that, “I need a holiday” – so bad I’ve started day-dreaming about it, creating Spotify playlists about it.

Anyway, I’m currently trying to use the little free time I have to better plan my holiday. Last-minute bookings have already been made, panic has already ensued – all there is left to do is actually plan, pack and leave (and get through another couple of days at work!)

This is my first summer outside of Malta – and well, I kind of really miss the sea. I don’t miss the infernal heat, or 1000% humidity at all though.

Reminiscing last year's heatwave
Reminiscing last year’s heatwave

My planning so far has included mini panic attacks, and several “things to do in Malta” searches on Google. Whenever I used to imagine myself living abroad, I always thought I’d want to go back to Malta on holiday in summer. However I never knew how I barely knew anything about my island. It’s maybe close to the feeling you get living with a relative all your life, and barely ever knowing anything about them – and then discovering their favourite colour was blue on their deathbed.

Metaphors aside, showing someone else around the island is an excellent excuse to re-live home as a tourist. Till now I’ve only had a look at what I want to see in Valletta. My to-see list includes:

  • St. John’s Co-Cathedral – inc. Caravaggio’s beheading of John the Baptist – which, unless my memory is playing tricks on me, I’ve never seen. X’misthija maaa
  • The Siege Bell War Memorial – I loved this spot when I still lived there. Excellent view, very much recommended
  • The Barakka Gardens – praying for no pigeons
  • The National Library – insert nerd emoji here. I had visited when I was still at Uni – still one of the most amazing libraries I’ve ever been to!
  • Strait street – wine and nibbles for all
  • Maybe The Grand Master’s Palace  – and not make fun of the guards clumsily performing the change of guards
  • National Museum of Fine Arts – artsy fartsy
  • Fort St. Elmo – more great views
  • Maybe a ferry from Valletta to the three cities (Since when does this exist???)
  • Or a simple ferry from Tas-Sliema ghal Marsamxett (il-kaptan bil-pipa f’halqu, jidderigi l-bastiment)
  • Anything else you’re willing to suggest – help a local in need…
Yep, still a fav.
Yep, still a fav.
With testing my Claustrophobia
With testing my Claustrophobia
Ignore any political content please.
Ignore any political content please.
One of my favourite places in Valletta
One of my favourite places in Valletta

I’ll go back to dreaming about being on holiday….

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