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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have realised Netflix is finally now available in Malta. Hooray for Malta being treated like any other developed country. Anyway, sass and attitude aside. What’s all the hype with Netflix you might ask – whilst simultaneously downloading all the series you want to watch for free via your preferred torrent site.

For those of you unfamiliar with the site, Netflix practically gives you access to thousands of series and films against a monthly fee. It’s mostly popular in places like the US and the UK, or any other country that doesn’t allow people to illegally download material off the internet.

Netflix was my saviour when I lived in London. When the nights got cold, and the wallets got empty – what else is there to do other than binge watch your favourite episodes? Netflix also lures you to join the dark side by giving you your first month of subscription for free – which was more than enough for me to realise that downloading episodes is so yesterday. Who wants Kickasstorrents and chill, now that you can have Netflix and chill?

What I particularly like about Netflix mostly is that:
1. You get recommendations based on what you’ve watched previously. This means you can expand your series horizons further than the millions you already watch.

2. The app. Which can be further appreciated with unlimited data on your phone stuck in London traffic jams.

3. There are legal, and less legal ways of changing which Netflix options you have access to. Unfortunately, us Europeans get far less stuff than our US counterparts. Most hacks work via an extension on Google Chrome, and will give you access to the USA Netflix immediately. Legal ways include Media Hint – through which you can get global Netflix options at a fee. Less legal ways include changing your VPN via tools like Hula. The latter apparently breaks your agreement with Netflix – just so you know.

4. You can use it on multiple devices. Tablets, TVs, game consoles, mobiles, laptops – they’ve got you covered. I’m not the most technologically impaired of the lot, but finding a site that could stream series on my iPad turned into a nightmare back when I was at university, sitting in the cold, waiting for my lecture. (which would have probably been cancelled)

5. It’s safe and quick. Let’s face it, we’ve all downloaded that one episode or film which really was not what we wanted to download, and which also slowed down our computers forever. Well, at least I have. Plus, having to wait for an entire season of Friends to download is what nightmares are made of.

Are you on the Netflix bandwagon? Yes, No, Why? 😘


  1. I’m all for paying for stuff rather than doing it in more dodgy ways so I am soo pleased Netflix is finally here! Off I go to check out the prices and see what all this “Making a Murderer” fuss is about…

    • I know the feeling – paying for these services is so worth it, and saves so much hassle 🙂
      I believe the basic package is at 8 euro a month, with the first month for free if you haven’t had a subscription before! 🙂

      Enjoy it! XX

  2. Thanks for articulating why I felt the Netflix void when I moved back to Malta from Scotland. Found myself having to defend it with those who are saying that it is simply paying for what you usually get for “free” (time is also money!). My only disappointment was that in Malta there is far less stuff I can access than when I was in the UK, however I say it still worth it!

    • You’re very welcome haha 🙂 Netflix makes it easier and much more user-friendly in my opinion – makes paying for what I can get for “Free” so worth it. You’re right about the range of programs and films available – but I’m sure they’ll just keep adding on to them as time goes by 🙂

    • 1. YAY! Malta will always be home to me 🙂 It’s sunny and lovely especially for foreigners 🙂
      2. Right?! I still have to start OITNB! Actually, might start that tonight 🙂

  3. Now that it’s in Malta I can use the mobile app, which makes it that much more straightforward, just choose a film and cast to another screen. While the shows are limited, I feel that there are still a lot to watch which are of great value, especially Netflix originals. I also had to create a profile for my family after I introduced it to them and now they’ve started using it as much as myself…if not more.

    Question, what do you mean unlimited data, that exists? That sounds like heaven!

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