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I never thought I’d be able to say thrifting and COS in the same sentence, but thanks to my recent trip to Aldlife’s Pop-up charity shop, I now can. I can also say I own this badass leather coat – one can never have too many statement jackets can they?

I hadn’t been thrifting in ages, namely because I couldn’t find anything I really liked in the charity shops I used to go to in Malta. I had previously built nearly all my entire wardrobe with thrifted items I got from these same charity shops in Malta – but I guess with increased popularity comes increased competition for that dogtooth coat or granny jumper.

Anyhow, I decided to give thrifting another go in one of the many charity shops here in London. I recently passed by Aldlife’s Pop-up charity shop whilst on the bus, so I decided to pop by. The shop is actually really well-organised, with clothes arranged according to size, gender, and also according to item. I’m pretty sure stock changes frequently as I saw so many people popping by to drop off items they wanted to donate. They also have a spacious changing room, so you can also try the stuff you’re about the purchase.





It was love at first sight with the leather jacket, which I got for a whooping £1. I then saw this grey blazer, and realised I might have been slightly infatuated with it. I moved closer and saw it was COS, and came to the sudden realisation that I had space for two lovers in my life – the blazer and the coat. This sold at £3.25 – worth the price considering it was practically brand new, and well, COS.

I also got this book about called Marxism and Politics by Ralph Miliband, because I still enjoy a read about politics and that jazz. All books, including this one, sold at 30p.


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