The one in which I miss my flight

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Empty suitcase in hand, and passport nowhere to be seen. It’s 5 minutes till the gate closes, and I’m still, well…at home. I look at my watch and then at my boarding pass, and realise that I have mistakenly confused the arrival time with my departure time. I’m thrown in a fit of panic as I realise that there is no way I can get on that plane now.

Now that is what nightmares are made of – I tell myself as I thank heavens this was yet another actual nightmare. I get out of bed, stumble across the kitchen to fetch my moka to prepare some coffee. As I wait for it to be ready, I routinely google something along the lines of “why the hell do I keep dreaming I’m missing a flight?”

I was reassured that I wasn’t the only one – with this being one of the commonest dreams. Dreaming you’re missing important appointments, flights etc apparently mean that you somehow regret a missed opportunity or a decision that wasn’t made in your waking life. Frustration, difficulty in making decisions and fear of change might be featuring and hindering your waking life as well.

Are we?
Are we?

Unsurprisingly, people who have such recurring dreams are apparently afraid of running out of time. We’re the ones who feel that no matter how much time we have, we can never get all the things we planned done.

I’m honestly not surprised. One particular source recommended “good planning, time management and setting realistic goals”, which also happens to be the same advice people give me in my waking life. Define good planning. Define time management. Define realistic. The latter in particular is so subjective. What counts as realistic? I think I’ve had some issues with defining that myself. Ugh, I want to dream again. Actually scratch that – I want to be given the possibility to dream again, without anyone, including my own subconscious, telling me to get real.

Please pardon all the waffling. I’ll make sense out of it eventually.

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