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The one in which I go to Florence

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eIMG_2877Brunelleschi’s dome right in front of me, a lungo right next to me keeping me warm – that’s right, I’ve finally made it to Florence. If you follow me on my Instagram or my Facebook page, you might have realised that I might have moved to Florence – the city of the Renaissance, art, and coffee – really good coffee.

I haven’t had the time to blog or post much yet because things have been a little crazy lately – as expected. I’m also spending too much time roaming around Florence’s little streets, watching sunsets over the Ponte Vecchio, and people watching in general – just trying to let the fact that I’m not here on holiday sink in. (Spoiler – it didn’t sink in at all yet.)

eIMG_2877From what I’ve experienced till now I can safely say that living here is as dreamy as I’ve ever imagined it to be. This of course includes being unwillingly featured in all the tourist selfies as you try and make your way past the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, and all the other tourist spots – whilst at the same time trying to avoid being asked whether you’d like to purchase a selfie stick yourself. This being said, I’m getting asked less and less on the latter – which either means I’m starting to look more like a local, or that my resting bitch face is getting even worse.

There is no “loud” that is louder than Marsaxlokk Sundays, no “crazy” that is crazier than driving in Marsa on a school morning, and no “inefficient” that is more inefficient than Maltese buses

One other thing looking like a local has earned me is locals themselves thinking I’m verbally impaired – and not a tourist. Those of you who speak a foreign language will get this more than others – there is a level of fluency which makes you extremely fluent, but not exactly native fluent. I’ve been finding myself in situations where, even though I cannot exactly express myself in Italian, I still refuse to switch to English. The result of this being that I sound totally incompetent as a person in general. I’m sure it gets better. I then have the best time with people trying to guess where I’m from, and upon my telling them, I still have an amazing time with the same people trying to guess where Malta actually is. Hint – it’s nowhere close to Spain.

On the whole, I really cannot complain. People have been extremely nice and helpful to me till now. Being Maltese, my transition into the Italian lifestyle has been so much easier than what I’ve read online prior to moving here. I won’t go into what I’ve read – but those of you who have ever been to Malta, or who are Maltese themselves would know that there is no “loud” that is louder than Marsaxlokk Sundays, no “crazy” that is crazier than driving in Marsa on a school morning, and no “inefficient” that is more inefficient than Maltese buses. There is, however, a “cold” colder than “January 7am waiting for the bus” and it’s practically already here in Florence. The weather has gone from Summer to Autumn overnight, and I’ve found myself freezing to near death, as per tradition.

With it getting so cold, I’m spending more time indoors. My definite favourite thing to do has become window shopping and browsing. I missed being in a shop and thinking “who the hell buys these?” at every other item in that shop. Everything seems to be screaming “buy me”. Luckily my bank account is there to remind me that I should definitely not listen to these talking clothing items. I’ve also been spending a lot of time in cafes, namely the one in the Oblate library – which really made me miss being a student – something I hope to get to as soon as I can.

Chit-chat aside, I’m really looking forward to exploring the city closely as soon as I settle down a little bit more. In the meantime I’d love to read what your favourite things to do in Florence are – mine definitely are chasing sunsets, people watching and spotting awe in tourists’ eyes when they get to Piazza del Duomo.

Alla prossima.

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