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Paris, you’ve made me fall in love again

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Once upon a time, in a far faraway island, my lovely sister promised me to take me to Paris. She never did. So upon the realisation that I was about to turn 25, knowing I might be about to experience my nth life crisis, I decided to speed the process up and spend my birthday…

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Lucca – what to do and see

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miExhausted as I was after an afternoon of walking around Pisa, I decided that the best idea was to walk around another city – Lucca. Welcome to my illogical life, my friends. Yesterday I spent a whole day out of Florence, exploring some cities in Tuscany which I had been meaning to visit, but never…

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You can stand under my umbrella, ella, eh, eh

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Umbrellas – Rihanna sings about standing under her’s, I take photos of people standing under theirs. Yesterday was such a dreary day here in Florence, typical of this time of the year. Having lived in Brussels before, notorious for its series of grey, rainy days, I refuse to open an umbrella unless it’s really pouring…

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