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Guess who’s back, back again. What a cliche introduction, I should be ashamed. Well, I am back on the internet after one very long hiatus, sabbatical – you’re allowed the luxury of choosing what to call it. I now kindly invite you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your favourite warm beverage happens to be – for this is going to be one of those chatty posts, hooray!

Had this been an actual face-to-face conversation, you’d probably be wondering whether I might have added a shot or two of vodka to my coffee – something which is totally plausible as reasoning from your end, but totally disgusting as a concoction in itself. I apologize from beforehand for how raw and unstructured this might be – my heart-to-heart conversations always are.

I don’t particularly feel like I need to justify how and why I went completely off the internet (not including my personal accounts, obviously). 2015 has been quite a rocky and, quite frankly, a tiring year. I’ve been either so busy I forgot to actually breathe, or so idle I started questioning my entire existence. What a jolly year. Unfortunately this also meant that I shut out anything that had defined me up until now – mostly writing and my obsession with creativity. I constantly felt like there was something to be expressed, but I just lacked the media to express it – something which was completely new to me – and which fuelled my aforementioned questioning of my entire existence. I really (really, really, really) wanted to write again, but I felt like one of those ball pens that conveniently stop working at that exact moment the exam hall invigilator says “you can start writing”. I felt just as panicked and helpless.

I spent some (maybe too much) time thinking about all of this, and spoke to many people about it. I also listened to so many speeches delivered by some of the world’s greatest people, motivational speakers and philosophers, carefully absorbing their words and hoping they would make a difference. One epiphany later I realised that I had forgotten to speak and listen to myself about it. I gave up all the thinking, and finally decided to act.

I am on the eve of one of the most daring, scary but so exciting steps of my life. I will not delve into the, pardon my french, crappy months that took place this year. But I intend to get back to writing – with a bang. No really, I’m so looking forward to all the interesting and amazing content I can start writing about as of tomorrow. I won’t reveal much of that for now – but stay tuned for more of that tomorrow – it’s worth it, I promise!

Just to wrap up my very unwrapped post, I’d love to give one word of advice especially to those who feel just as lost as I am right now. Take your time, and do not feel like you need to justify any steps you take – if you feel like they will lead you to whatever you wish your life to be. Sometimes people thrive on just, pardon my french again, pooping on other people’s dreams – which is really unfair. The future is daunting to anyone who decides to walk off the well worn path, and somehow the path you decide to take is full of nosy individuals, who would be better off working at the FBI. No really, some people should make better use of their investigational skills.

On a concluding note, please let me know any feedback about the new layout.I personally fell in love with it at first sight – a rarity indeed.

Stay tuned for more stuff as of tomorrow! Like my page on Facebook and obviously follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (cboffa92) – for god forbid I forget to post a picture about it.


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