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This city feels as though it’s stuck on a Sunday at 8am – close-to-empty cobbled streets, church bells ringing, and a sense of serenity that only a few cities can give.

Situated around 50km away from Bologna, this city manages to charm me every time I visit. It’s one of those cities I believe can be appreciated better when it’s raining, when it’s okay to just sit down and watch an elderly couple walking by, a group of childhood friends catching up over a spritz, and families having their Sunday lunch in one of the city’s hidden gems.

Ferrara boasts an incomparable history and legacy – home to renaissance literature giants Torquato Tasso, Ludovico Ariosto, and Matteo Boiardo. The charming streets of Ferrara were also used as a backdrop for Vittorio de Sica’s The Garden of the Finzi-Continis – which I admit I have not seen yet, but which featured what is, inarguably, “una delle strade più belle dell’Europa” (one of Europe’s most beautiful streets), as one local put it – Via Ercole d’Este.

The rest is a city to explore, to absorb, and mostly to admire in its full beauty. Ferrara keeps a small piece of my heart whenever I visit – and refuses to give it back.

Castello Estense
And again!
Italians keeping it very real – a sign outside of a bar’s bathroom saying “please knock before trying to break the door’s handle”
Via Ercole d’Este – one of the prettiest streets I’ve ever seen

Alla prossima!


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