Nudes, bikes and churches: 48 hours of Florence

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Buongiorno! And for my Maltese readers – Buona festa.

It’s a public holiday here in Malta, and I spent this morning trying to recover from the craziness of the past days. More on that in a later post however.

I think I’ve reached that point where nobody can quite figure out whether I’m actually in Florence, or just at home posting photos of Florence. Haha – or so I’ve been told. Anyway, this time I was actually there . This was the first time I visited again after living there. I thought that by now I would have gotten over how beautiful that city is – but five minutes were truly enough to remind me of why I love it so much.

This time around I was lodging close to the San Lorenzo church…which means I woke up to the sound of the morning bells ringing….

San Lorenzo Firenze

The area is full of B&Bs, with pretty signs such as this…

Florence hotel


Florence hotel

Obviously one cannot resist a stroll around the Duomo – which is always as majestical.

Duomo di Firenze

Duomo di Firenze

Italy and political satire (if I dare call it as such) walk hand in hand…

Renzi in Florence

Speaking of walking – most people opt for riding their bikes around the city…

Bike in Florence

But I chose to walk around, and get lost looking around and discovering Florence’s beautiful alleys such as this one here…

Firenze alley

Also, ass. Okay, people here don’t walk around naked like this guy here – but if I were as attractive as the people in this city, I sure as hell would be walking around naked myself.


Expect to see more of Florence here. Like, a lot more.

Alla prossima! XX

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