Hello it’s me, but what should I be doing?

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I finally answered my FB page’s request to let my followers know what I’m up to because it’s been ages since I posted anything. So here it goes.

The last time you’ve heard from me was through the post I’ve written about Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. The post caused quite a stir, also leading to people I really do not know calling me names and telling me things I never even knew about me, or about what they think my past is. Being online is such fun guys, it brings you in contact with all kinds of people, and also makes you understand that not everyone is worth your time and energy.

That post dates to last October and over 6 months have passed since. My life has obviously changed so much because how can it not when you’re permanently in a life crisis? Haha.

I’m joking. I’ve been feeling quite awkward with my creativity lately. I’ve taken up new creative side-projects, and more than anything I’ve also started a new full-time job as well. I spend most of my time creating content for others, and I like to think I manage to do so well.

However, when it comes to my personal content, it feels a little…


I admit I’ve logged into my blog’s back-end almost every single day during these months but I still couldn’t find anything to post about. I’ve travelled and lived and survived in the meantime but still, nothing. I’m not sure on whether this represents me anymore.

I’ve been focusing a lot on myself recently and on rediscovering who I am and what I can do and what I want to do. I’ve had struggles with my identity during the past months. I wrote, talked and cried about it but nothing worked until I started to act on it and give it the weight I deem it deserves. I’m trying to do this with every aspect of my life and obviously my creativity and my personal projects are some of my main priorities.

I feel like I needed to post this not because this has any value whatsoever but mostly because I just want to let the kind people out there who follow me and bear with my absence and negligence and lack of posts and stuff, that I’m still thinking about this and about you!

I’d also love your help with this. What would you like to see this space turn into? I’ve been thinking (and crying) about this severely recently and people who are closest to me will really appreciate it if you could also pitch in because let’s face it, verament dejjaqthom (I have annoyed the living shit out of them).

To anyone else, did you ever go through such phases? What did you do about it?

(in the meantime follow my insta page – I post stuff there inc. daily posts on how I hate waking up and existing in general). If I don’t follow with any other post, at least my goodbye post is not shareable material and also not SEO friendly.

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