Cramming a year’s worth of resolutions in December

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December – the last month of yet another year, which also happens the month you realize there are so many things you’ve completely forgotten to accomplish throughout the past 11 months. I feel like December can be compared to THAT ONE NIGHT before THAT ONE IMPORTANT EXAM OR DEADLINE during which you cram all your studying and work and chug endless cups of coffee in the hope of, at least, getting a pass.

Sounds familiar? Well I sure hope so. I really hope I’m not alone. I’ve promised myself I would achieve so much more during this past year – but many of them sort of got lost in the maze (or labyrinth) that this year turned out to be. This is why, my friends, I’m pledging to make the best out of this last month. Here’s a list of what I need to cram in 2015:

  1. Become mobile – Which, given the time frame and situation, would probably translate to “learn how to ride a bike”.
  2. Stop moving – Very self explanatory I guess. Looks like this year will end with the same turbulence with which it kicked off. Good times.
  3. Get a pet – Humans suck. Pets rock.
  4. PATIENCE – Pretty self explanatory as well. This year was full of impromptu decisions, and very miscalculated ones as well. So this month, I need patience. SANTA PACENZJA IDHOL GHALIJA INT.
  5. Sewing – Remember when I started sewing again, and stopped after like 3 projects? Yes, that needs to resume.
  6. More water, less wine and coffee – You’re never too cool for some O2.
  7. Be happy – I obviously had to end it with a cheesy one. I think this month I’d rather just focus on what I’m doing, achieving and creating, and stop comparing it to that of others. This Christmas I’m hoping to give myself less anxiety and worrying – and more serenity and peace. Good things come for those who wait for the right timing, the right place and the right people.

I won’t even dare to add the “get fit” to the above list because it’s Christmas time and there’s gonna be a helluvalot of food and mulled wine going on this Christmas. Keepin’ it real as usual.

I hope you have a start to your Decembers. May it bring you more joy than the rest of the year has.


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