It’s not you…it’s me – an update on my whereabouts

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Remember when I claimed I’d be blogging regularly when I relaunched my blog? Remember when I then apologised for not blogging in nearly every other post?

Well, here I go again – here’s another apology for not being able to post anything due to unforeseen circumstances including plenty of moving and change. But now I’m here. And I’ll be here for long enough for people to stop questioning about my whereabouts. Here being…LAHHHHN-DAHHHN.

Obviously, with moving to a new country comes plenty of paperwork, errands, house and job hunting. Never underestimate how exhausting and time-consuming these might be. Now that I’m well, technically settled on the majority of those, I should stop making up excuses and start uploading more content here.

Wow, here goes another post without much juice – just me apologising for my lack of commitment. Same old, same old. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see from my end! I’m planning on uploading some posts survival tips to the city, some gluten free recipes and outfit posts – which are mainly what I do here – eat, dress up and survive – with the special aid of coffee and wine.

One never really leaves Italy, right?



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