As cliched as it may sound – I’m so bad at introducing myself. I’ve always dreaded this moment ever since primary school. Well, to start off – I’m Maltese and I’m 23 years old. I’m an ex journalist, a qualified interpreter and a graduate in Maltese. This, by far, does not give the right idea of what I really am though. Or so I’ve heard.

I’m into current affairs, social and cultural issues, but also into less boring stuff like fashion and travelling. I think every word in italian sounds musical, and that everyone should appreciate how beautiful Maltese is. I chase sunsets, cook good food, and appreciate good wine. I take way too many photos on Instagram, and I pin way too many outfits on Pinterest. I cannot say I’m particularly interested in anything, except for everything. I’m a little bit like Hannah Montana – I get the best of both worlds. However I refuse to go through THAT wild phase, by making sure I sleep at 10pm and by avidly reading the newspaper everyday.

I chase sunsets, cook good food, and appreciate good wine

As much as I love the island I come from, I’ve decided I’m better off not living there for the time being. I’ve lived in Brussels in 2014, when I was interning for the European Parliament (cool stuff!) – and I can never taste chocolate again without comparing it to the chocolate I’ve had there. I can also understand more French than I used to, and I can say a couple of expressions in French without anyone actually understanding my pronunciation.

I’ve now moved to my dream city – Florence. I have no idea on how long I’ll be here – I secretly hope it’s forever.

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