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February 2016


Your life is yours to live; not theirs to watch

It’s been a while since I wrote one of those heart to heart posts which I always seem to regret writing after. Haha. But whatever. Guess what – doing things alone gets bloody lonely. With nobody to share your pain, there is no other means of venting about your problems other than, well yourself. Which… Keep Reading


Nudes, bikes and churches: 48 hours of Florence

Buongiorno! And for my Maltese readers – Buona festa. It’s a public holiday here in Malta, and I spent this morning trying to recover from the craziness of the past days. More on that in a later post however. I think I’ve reached that point where nobody can quite figure out whether I’m actually in… Keep Reading


The one in which I miss my flight

Empty suitcase in hand, and passport nowhere to be seen. It’s 5 minutes till the gate closes, and I’m still, well…at home. I look at my watch and then at my boarding pass, and realise that I have mistakenly confused the arrival time with my departure time. I’m thrown in a fit of panic as… Keep Reading

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