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January 2016


Give boring Brussels a break – a quick guide

Brussels is always on the news for all the wrong reasons. If it’s not being blamed for some controversial EU legislation, it’s being dubbed the hub for terrorism following the recent attacks in Paris. Poor old Brussels – the city that gets called some pretty horrendous things. People call it boring, grey and gloomy –… Keep Reading


OOTD: The dungarees make their appearance

Yo. I’d love to start this post off with a confession. Wearing that black coat is seriously one of my biggest regrets to date. How on earth can it be THIS HOT during January? Ugh. Secondly, I’m frowning in every picture because after 23 years of living in Malta (excluding the odd adventures abroad) I… Keep Reading


WHY WE TRAVEL | Part Three: The post holiday blues

Alain de Botton, the same philosopher mentioned in part 1, and part 2 of this series, also speaks about the paradox of planes. There are two sets of people on one airplane – both with the same destination. one group is going back home, and another is going to a foreign country. One group has to… Keep Reading


Welcome to Malta Netflix – Here’s why I love you

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have realised Netflix is finally now available in Malta. Hooray for Malta being treated like any other developed country. Anyway, sass and attitude aside. What’s all the hype with Netflix you might ask – whilst simultaneously downloading all the series you want to watch for free via… Keep Reading


Seat sales you should really make the most of

Dear those of you who promised themselves they’d “travel more” this year. Dear those of you, who like me, promised themselves they’d “save up more” this year. They’re here – the January seat sales – making my “STOP SPENDING MONEY ASAP” New Year’s resolution  last like a day or two. Here are the ones I think you… Keep Reading


WHY WE TRAVEL | Part 2: Culture guilt & being in transition

If you’re one of the selfie stick haters, fear not you are not alone. John Ruskin already bashed on the mentality of “modern travellers”, in the 19th century. The English critic found the attitude of modern travellers unacceptable, as he felt that people just looked at things and places and never actually thought properly about them.… Keep Reading

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